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WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT INTERIOR DESIGN? Working with clients and helping them turn interior design ideas into reality-whether it’s one item or an entire room. It’s always rewarding seeing the excitement from the client when the project is complete. 

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR DESIGN STYLE? I would say a combination of contemporary and transitional. I like rooms that are soothing – not a lot of color – pops of color here and there. I think you should mix at least two but no more than three styles in a room to give interest to the room. If the room is all one style it can become boring and outdated. As a designer, you may have a style that you like over another, but it’s important to be versatile so that you can work with all styles. 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? If you go by the color wheel, it’s not a color – Black. But for interior designing I like to use greys and earth tones.

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WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT INTERIOR DESIGN? I love starting with a blank canvas/space, going through the design process, plans, renderings, selecting finishes and finally seeing the finished product! Actually, standing in a space that you imagined, designed and detailed is an amazing feeling!

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR DESIGN STYLE? Modern Classic. I like clean lines - not too much fuss but appreciate the details.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? Is grey a color? I love grey because everything goes with grey - from the warmest oranges to the coolest blues.